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no i don’t hate anybody


idk i cba to rank everyone

1. myself

2. tie between turnleft and matthelders

3. pepyn, mamma, user, trunks timber mifune etc

i like basically all trips/names

sieg would probably come in at like 9 or 10


i’m not planning 2 stop wearing rick dude, plus i learned about ccp and rick at the same time

i think it’s kind of unconstructive 2 see this kind of thing as being ‘phases’… like yeah i’ll keep buying clothes and expanding my tastes and will probably eventually own pieces from whatever brand but i think there needs 2 be more of an obvious jump and change for you to define something as a phase

the supreme thing fits your description more aptly imo because 4 me it’s associated with activities that i don’t take part in any more i.e. skateboarding

i think its better 2 say i’m just enjoying my ‘wearing and liking clothes phase’ and will be 4 the foreseeable


and a fanny pack don’t forget

 i would like 2 state in writing that the raincoat is for flash floods only and will not be joining my wardrobe as an item for daily wear

it will be stowed unless totally necessary


i like all the blogs belonging to people from /fa/ and i follow a few gd and alt movie poster blogs which are great

i like pretty scenery instagrams. my current favourite is hamada hideaki

u know when you’re looking at someones instagram page and they post tonnes of CCP and paul harnden and gallery openings and then there’s just suddenly a disgusting wet closeup of their lunch and you have to unfollow because it destroys the narrative so completely

i bought this plastic stowaway raincoat at muji

have you ever seen a garment so ridiculous

it must be 10 feet wide and it charges me so full of static i worry that i’ll kill the next person i touch

i’m scared to wear it outdoors in case people mistake me for one of those guys that opens his coat and shows his dick to unsuspecting women


like what shoes would i wear? idk i like lots of different shoes dude


i love his fw2011 womens image

i admire how uncompromising he is (ignoring that diffusion which is all about compromise) and i’m impressed with the extent 2 which he’s been able to develop his look 

like i know he’s been accused of gimmickry by loads of people but if it’s consistently entertaining and evolving gimmickry who cares

i think i’ll buy a suit one day